Spotify-like Subscription Model Proposed For Collateral Payments

Spotify-like Subscription Mannequin Proposed For Collateral Funds

A brand new blockchain protocol funded by Net Basis guarantees to cut back collateral necessities in DeFi and cross-chain purposes.

Interlay acquired a grant from the inspiration to construct a bridge between Polkadot and Bitcoin (BTC). The newest paper to come back out from this undertaking, “Promise: Leveraging Future Features for Collateral Discount”, proposes a brand new protocol .

Alice & Bob have interaction in ongoing relationship

The simplest approach to clarify how Promise works is thru an instance. Let’s say, Alice engages Bob as a service supplier for a collection of duties, and that this relationship is ongoing, the place Bob periodically offers a service to Alice and each time, she pays him 1 Ether. 

How Promise works. Supply: Promise whitepaper.

Sometimes, Bob must lock up a collateral of 1.5 Ether, in case he takes the cost and doesn’t carry out the duty. With Promise, Alice, as an alternative of sending Ether on to Bob, would lock it up with Promise. Bob would obtain periodic funds by means of Promise upon delivering proof of the delivered service. As a result of the longer term funds act as further leverage, Bob could also be allowed to publish a smaller quantity of collateral. The important thing right here is the connection must be ongoing, not one-off.

Music to our ears

Cointelegraph interviewed one of many creators of Promise, Dr. Dominik Harz, who’s at the moment bunkered down in Japan because of the COVID-19 outbreak. In his view, Promise does for the transactions involving collateral, what Spotify did for the music business:

“And it transforms this one brief interplay to this sequential recreation or simply to love a classical subscription mannequin. Think about if you happen to would use Spotify. And as an alternative of you paying a month-to-month subscription, you’d pay for every music individually. Properly, every particular person music could be tremendous low cost. There’s simply this psychological overhead. This psychological transaction prices the place you suppose, ‘oh, do I actually need to take heed to that subsequent music’? And it is about actually value 5 cents. Whereas if you happen to simply have a subscription, then it is all high-quality.” 

Since Promise has no profit for a one-off relationship, Dr. Harz mentioned that originally potential beneficiaries might be exchanges and issuers of “wrapped” tokens. As Cointelegraph has reported earlier, the demand for such belongings is rising and there are actually considerably extra Bitcoins locked up in wBTC than your complete worth of the Lightning Community.