Adam Back Denies Having a Beer With Satoshi Nakamoto

Adam Again Denies Having a Beer With Satoshi Nakamoto

In response to Marshall Hayner, an early Bitcoin (BTC) adopter, Adam Again had a beer with Satoshi Nakamoto in London.

“Yeah, I met him as soon as”

Steel Pay CEO Marshall Hayner informed Cointelegraph a narrative he heard from Again at a celebration in Los Gatos some years in the past. The occasion was thrown to have fun the formation of Blockstream and its profitable capital increase.

Hayner stated that he was invited to the occasion by Austin Hill, who was Blockstream’s CEO on the time. The neighborhood was small and intently knit, with solely a choose few individuals in attendance. Allegedly, after a number of drinks, the subject of Satoshi Nakamoto got here up. This supposedly prompted Again, who has usually been seen as a well-liked Satoshi candidate himself, to say: “Yeah, I met him as soon as.” When pressed for extra particulars, Again reportedly refused to elaborate additional, stating:

“I do not wish to say an excessive amount of. However he’s a British man and I met him in London and went to the pub and had a beer. I believe he is perhaps an MI6.”

Hayner doesn’t bear in mind Again specifying when this assembly happened, however assumes it will have been someday between 2009-2010. It’s attention-grabbing to notice that rumors have percolated for years with regard to Bitcoin originating from a number of intelligence companies.

Again and Maxwell deny it

Hayner recalled that a number of people intently related to Again and Blockstream have been current as nicely. Amongst them have been the aforementioned Austin Hill and Gregory Maxwell, a Bitcoin Core developer. Cointelegraph contacted Again, Hill, and Maxwell about their recollection of occasions.

Again unequivocally denied that he had ever met Satoshi Nakamoto, and maintains that he by no means informed this story:

“No, I’d not have stated that for it’s not true; so far as I do know nobody (who isn’t making up tales) has claimed to have met Satoshi in individual.” — He added “Additionally I have no idea who Marshall Hayner is and didn’t work together with him on this matter.”

Maxwell’s response echoed Again’s. He confirmed to be current on the occasion, however denied listening to this story:

“I’ve no recollection of Adam saying something like that, and I’d bear in mind it if I might heard it: It could have been inconsistent with all the pieces I’ve ever heard Adam say on the topic earlier than or since, and likewise inconsistent with my understanding of the historical past of Bitcoin (it is my perception that –as far as we know– nobody locally has met Satoshi).”

Maxwell additionally added that he consulted together with his companion, who was additionally current on the occasion. They didn’t recall this dialog both.

Hill didn’t reply to Cointelegraph’s inquiry.

Why would Satoshi wish to meet anybody?

Earlier than retelling this story to us, Hayner stated there isn’t any manner Adam Again would ever acknowledge it. If Hayner’s recollection is correct, this could be the primary confirmed “sighting” of Satoshi. Though Again didn’t corroborate Hayner’s supposed recollection, the story would appear to verify the customarily posited British origins of Bitcoin’s creator.

Had Satoshi wished to satisfy somebody from the crypto neighborhood in individual, maybe to point out their gratitude, there wouldn’t be many higher candidates than Again, whose Hashcash served as one of many fundamental constructing blocks of Bitcoin.