Is the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Still Worth Investing In?Is the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Still Worth Investing In?

Since 2009, you almost can’t go anywhere in the world without hearing about the latest price of Bitcoin. Whether you’re an investor or not, hearing how well this cryptocurrency is doing has become almost a daily occurrence, especially since it continues to go from strength to strength. With the latest price approximately £35,000 per coin, it’s no wonder why Bitcoin has made so many millionaires of its early investors. But this bodes the question – is Bitcoin still worth investing in or is it now too late?

This year for Bitcoin

Unlike more traditional currencies, Bitcoin isn’t handled by the government, making it a more attractive prospect for people across the globe. Pair that with the fact that there will, at some time, be a maximum amount of Bitcoin on the market and you have two unique selling points. These are just two reasons why Bitcoin is continuing to attract thousands more investors every single day. Now you can buy bitcoin with debit card through many reliable platforms avoiding huge deposit fees and it is a very quick process.

Another reason is that Bitcoin is exceptionally safe. With high levels of encryption and an “e-wallet” that is almost impossible for online threats and scammers to break into, it gives owners much more peace of mind than the average online investment. When you register with Bitcoin brokers such as Bitcoin Bank you can automate your daily trade completely and bank bitcoin in real. This means that you will not be investing your manual effort and time into the daily trading. The bot chooses the exchange for you and places the trade accordingly. Many new investors find this feature very convenient and they go for automated trading.

All of these combined with the fact that mammoth-sized companies are now turning to Bitcoin investments shows us where the future of Bitcoin is going. Shark Tank’s famous venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary claims that 3% of his entire personal wealth is purely from Bitcoin investments, whilst his O’Leary company has millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin. Tesla is similar, it’s set to make more from its Bitcoin investments than the sale of its own stock this year.

This year has also already brought good news to Bitcoin with the Japanese government announcing that they will now accept cryptocurrency as a valid payment method. This predictably saw a surge in people from Japan investing in Bitcoin as they realised they could now buy and sell with it like traditional currencies. It’s reported that other governments across the globe are already in talks to do the same thing so by the end of 2021, we could see multiple countries accepting Bitcoin as a valid currency.

Celebrities and Bitcoin

The value of Bitcoin is constantly increasing when the use of Bitcoin becomes wider. For example, when Snoop Dogg allowed his fans to buy his album with Bitcoin, more people bought Bitcoin. So now that this is a growing trend, after world-famous rapper 50 Cent became a Bitcoin millionaire from sales of his album, more companies and artists are following suit.

From Oscar-winner Gywneth Paltrow to tennis pro Serena Williams, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather to American star Ashton Kutcher, there are a multitude of celebrities that are also reportedly backing Bitcoin and making thousands from their investments.

How much will Bitcoin be worth by the end of the year?

With so much attention, and over 100 million adults now owning Bitcoin and this set to grow by an estimated 50 million, it’s forecasted that Bitcoin will be worth almost double what it is right now. That means that if you buy Bitcoin for the price it is at today, you can potentially make double the profit back if you sell at the end of the year.

If you’re not an investor but you want to see how Bitcoin investments can make you money, there are plenty of 3rd party cryptocurrency trading platforms that can do all of the hard parts for you. With intelligent bots working in the background to help you make the best and most profitable deal possible, all you need to do is sit back and watch your investment make money!